Ethical compliance is layered in 2 categories for us. The first layer is Market Fitís compliance requirements which are monitored by our own team members. The Second layer is the requirements of each of our buyer which are inspected by authorised and nominated 3rd party professionals. With this 2 layer system 100% of our production is conducted in locations compliant to the International and local labor standards.


Quality has been the growing concern of our customers in the past years. With highly competitive retail market our customers are continuously increasing their quality standard. At Market Fit we have responded with continuous improvement mentality. We train our quality and production every quarter in order to translate the new standards into our production while keeping our team sensible to common issues faced. Quality can be only managed with a continuous training mentality and that is what we apply here at Market Fit.


Raw materials, exchange rates, knitting and weaving capacity, local labour costÖ and endless number of factors will eventually influence and have a positive or negative impact on price. Market Fit works with its buyers to create strategies to overcome price hikes where possible. These strategies can mean short term changes by changing the factory or developing materials with different composition to long term strategies that could mean opening up to totally new countries.


Several factors will influence the production lead-time from the raw materials used to the local holidays of a country. It is our job to adjust the production schedules and locations accordingly to adapt the lead-time to the customer requirement. At market fit we have lead-times spanning from 15 days to 115 days according to the country and category of product selected. It one of our core strengths to be able to deliver fashion quickly to the markets.


Design is becoming more and more important as competition between brands is increasing. It is only by having the correct product at the right time that true success can be achieved in our market. At Market Fit designers work hand in hand with the supply chain to ensure that the right products are offered to the buyers at the right time. Working with input from buyers in different countries and having access to international trend advisory tools Market Fit always has the products that reflect the latest fashion trends.


According to season or working mechanics of the country capacity is distributed among buyers. At Market Fit we have dedicated capacity in each product category we serve. We also have the ability to create capacity for our long term partners with growing quantity needs.


At Market Fit we believe that communication is at the heart of our business. That is why we have an operation in each of the countries where we manufacture. In a highly competitive textile industry producing without facing issues is not possible, therefore the only effective strategy is continuous communication and well organised communications processes.

What We Do?
Our Concept

"We design manufacture and sell fashion garments for International brands by striking the right balance between the 7 fundamental pillars."